this is fucked up. i guess if you’re a 16yo girl you can’t post an image of your clothes on the internet without adult men feeling the need to call them ‘sexy’ and then go on to gang up on you when you tell them to fuck off.

don’t these people think it’s just a little skewed that a teen girl is…

Oi stranglelove are you fucking retarded in the head? Because he never said SHE WAS SEXY he said the article of clothing was appealing. You are what’s wrong with this world. Seriously he did not say she was, she was being a total bitch for no fucking reason.

don’t waste your time, i made this post back in april. maybe instead of dragging it from its grave, you can spend your time doing something good for yourself like taking a hot bath or making some tasty food. have a nice day.


yo danny phantom he was just 1

ohh my god i decided to watch it and it’s so awful. unsurprising, but why.

it’s like they’re oblivious to the fact that their show is stupid

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i love paz but i doubt i’ll ever finish this actual drawing so here’s the part of the drawing with paz’s in it

her hair is so fantastic here, i love how happy she looks and her pouty ‘3’ lips!!!



this was a very productive night

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Saw these guys chillin in Harajuku today

  1. beekkake said: oh my god that sounds so surreal.

they fled to springfield and then they turned really buff and started fighting. 

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im back from dog/housesitting. did you guys see the family guy/simpsons crossover where the premise of the episode was how family guy and his family fled their house because they were doxxed by angry feminists

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